least said, soonest mended

least said, soonest mended

c 1460 in W. C. Hazlitt Remains of Early Popular Poetry (1864) III. 169 Who sayth lytell he is wyse..And fewe wordes are soone amend.

1555 J. HEYWOOD Two Hundred Epigrams no. 169 Lyttle sayde, soone amended.

a 1641 D. FERGUSSON Scottish Proverbs (STS) no. 946 Littl said is soon mended.

1776 T. COGAN John Buncle, Junior I. vi. Mum’s the word; least said is soonest mended.

1818 SCOTT Heart of Midlothian I. vi. A fine preaching has he been at the night..but maybe least said is sunest mended.

1960 MISS READ Fresh from Country xii. A quiet word..should..stop any further talebearing, and I really think it’s a case of ‘least said, soonest mended.’

1992 A. LAMBERT Rather English Marriage (1993) xvii. 289 He was tempted to go down and confront her,..but he knew he was in the wrong. Least said, soonest mended: no good creating a fuss now.

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